Weston: Trout Brook Valley



730 Acres - Preserved in 1999
Bradley Road, Weston

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About Trout Brook Valley Preserve
A crown jewel, Trout Brook Valley was snatched from the jaws of developers by concerted citizen action and will now be preserved forever as open space. A largely pristine space, the Valley has over 20 miles of trails, ranging from easy to difficult. The trails take the hiker past dramatic displays of New England nature at its best, scenic overlooks, and lush Apple and Blueberry orchards. In general, the trails slope upward, sometimes sharply, from the Weston entrance to the Easton entrance off Route 58. Some trails are designed for equestrian use. Several trails are linked to the extensive trail systems in the adjoining Jump Hill and Crow Hill Preserves which combined equal 1,009 acres. Also nearby is the Saugatuck Valley Trail on Aquarian Water Company land.(http://www.aquarion.com/pdfs/SaugatuckValleyTrail.pdf).  Hunting in Trout Brook Valley is permitted in limited areas in season by permit only.  Maps available at all preserve parking area.

 Historical Note: Hikers can enjoy a beautiful vista of the Saugatuck Reservoir from the Purple Popp Mountain trail (at #29 on map) in the Weston Portion of Trout Brook Valley. The Reservoir was created in 1945, when the river was dammed just north of Devils Glen. What can't be seen is the small village of Valley Forge that now lies 100 feet or so beneath the surface of the Reservoir which was flooded by Bridgeport Hydraulic Company and chronicled in the book, Village of the Dammed, by James Lomuscio.  This is a great book about the local history of this lost village.   For more information about the history of Trout Brook Valley, including a series of articles written by historian Marcia Miner, click here.



Trail Stewards:  Pete Diefenbach, Stephan Grozinger, Ian Lewis, Jacquie Littlejohn, Monika Stokes, Michael Tunstall, Steve Weiss, David Wright

Directions & Parking:
Follow Valley Forge Road north to its junction with Lyons Plain Road, or south from its junction with Newtown Turnpike. Turn onto Bradley Road and follow to the end. Park in designated area.

Alternative Parking:

Trout Brook Valley has four trail head parking areas which are indicated on the preserve map. Bradley road is the most popular and busiest entrance. Please consider parking at another entrance.


Sections: Trout Fishing