Board Members

Aspetuck Land Trust is managed by a Board of Directors. The day-to-day operations are managed by an Executive Director. The Board consists of twenty (20) members of which four (4) are residents of Easton; four (4) are residents of Fairfield; four (4) are residents of Weston; and four (4) are residents of Westport. These Directors are known as Resident Directors. The remaining four (4) Directors do not have any residency requirement and are known as At Large Directors. Board Members are elected to 4 year terms and cannot serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. The current Board Members are listed below:

President: Richard Ritzel VP Land Management: Lisa Brodlie
VP Fundraising: Grayson Braun VP Marketing & Communications: Nancy Moon
VP Land Acquisition: Heather Williams VP Finance:  Alan Goldbecker
Secretary: Cynthia Williams Marketing Director:  Judy Sloan
 Executive Director:  David Brant


  • Letitia Carter
  • Princie Falkenhagen
  • Alan Goldbecker
  • Richard Ritzel
  • Raphael Hodgson
  • Donald Hyman
  • Nancy Moon
  • Peter Oldershaw
  • Lisa Brodlie
  • Tom Johnson
  • John Light, III 
  • Samuel Martin
  • Kenneth Bernhard
  • Grayson Braun
  • Melissa Newman
  • Heather Williams
  • Theresa Brasco
  • Aili diBonaventura
  • Jacquie Littlejohn
  • Cynthia Williams
  • Mrs. Ruth Glendinning
  • Mr. Robert Larsen
  • Mr. Bruce LePage