Land Use Policies

You are welcome to walk all of our trailed nature preserves.  They are open dawn to dusk.  Maps of all our trailed nature preserves can be found on our website.  A few of our preserves have hard copy maps available at trail heads to guide your walk.  They are:  Trout Brook Valley (Easton/Weston), Stonebridge Waterfowl Preserve (Weston), Leonard Schine Preserve (Westport). 

Land Trust members receive our 4-Town map of all of the trailed preserves and their parking areas in the four towns we serve.  In general, parking is available near the entrance either in the Land Trust parking area or on the road side and parking is indicated on all of our web and preserve maps. 

Where appropriate, trails are marked with trail blazes and location numbers so you can find your way.  Please stay on the trails.  In addition, do not remove any plants.

Dogs are allowed off leash unless otherwise indicated and must be under owner's control at all times.  Please follow posted rules at each preserve. See below for more information.

We do not allow: smoking, camping, fires, littering, motorized vehicles or alcoholic beverages.

See the preserve maps on the website for other permitted activities such as mountain biking (Trout Brook Valley only), horseback riding, and fishing.  Or request our 4-Town map which indicates various permitted activities.

Dog Walking Information:

Dogs are allowed on all of our properties on-leash. Dogs are allowed off-leash on all of our 44 trailed nature preserves with the exception of three preserves: Trout Brook Valley (please see below note), the Newman Poses preserve in Westport, and the north half of the Stonebridge Waterfowl preserve in Weston. Dogs are allowed off-leash on the south side of Stonebridge. We restricted dogs to leashes on the north side of Stonebridge because dogs were chasing nesting ducks and other waterfowl. With regards to Newman Poses, there is significant ground nesting bird habitat on this nature preserve and town of Westport and the CT DEEP recommended that dogs be leashed.

At the completion of the Wildlife Study conducted in Trout Brook Valley, new trail use policies were created to protect and preserve the abundant but fragile wildlife diversity that exists.  These new policies will go into effect April 1, 2013, affecting the existing 21-mile trail system at TBV used by hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, dog walkers, birders, and others who enjoy the preserve.  Until that time, dogs must continue to be leashed at all times throughtout the preserve to allow us time to make trail and signage modifications .  

Beginning April 1st, dogs will still be requried to be leashed throughout most of TBV under their owner's control and to remain on designated trails.  Off-leash dog walking will be allowed, however, on a two-mile trail loop in the Crow Hill section of TBV which will be accessible by four public parking areas in Easton. 

Aspetuck Land Trust does not prohibit dogs on any of our preserves. We are unique among Land Trusts and conservation groups, many of which either prohibit dogs or require them to be on leashes. We hope you enjoy your walk in the woods with your dog. Please follow the following common sense doggie rules:

·  Dogs must stay on trails so as not to disturb flora and fauna habitat. This also helps to prevent ticks from hitching a ride on your dog.

·Owner must remove dog waste from trails (bring a baggie)

·Dogs must be under owner’s control and within sight of owner at all times.

·Dogs must yield to horses