Board Members

Aspetuck Land Trust is managed by a Board of Directors. The day-to-day operations are managed by an Executive Director. The Board consists of no fewer than twenty (20) and no more than twenty-four (24) Directors of which two (2) are residents of Easton; two (2) are residents of Fairfield; two (2) are residents of Weston; and two (2) are residents of Westport. These Directors are known as Resident Directors. Eight (8) Directors are required to be residents from either Easton, Weston, Fairfield or Weston and four (4) Directors have no residential requirements.  Directors who are not Resident Directors are "At Large Directors". Upon the recommendation of the Nominating Committee, the Board may also post for election one to four additional At-Large Directors.

Board Members are elected to 4 year terms and cannot serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. The current Board Members are listed below:


President: Bill Kraekel

VP Land Acquisition:  Ross Ogden

VP Finance: Bob McHugh

VP Land Management: Joe Schnierlein

VP Membership: Jeff Galdenzi

VP Planning: 

Secretary: Bill Kupinse


Executive Director:  David Brant

Land Stewardship Director: Lou Bacchiocchi

Land Owner Engagement Specialist: Mary Ellen Lemay

Administration: Alice Cooney

Board Of Directors by location:


  • William Kupinse, Jr.

  • Ross Ogden

  • Peter Petron


  • Jeff Galdenzi

  • Amy Harlacker

  • Nancy Moon


  • Kirby Brendsel

  • Thomas Failla, PH.D.

  • Tom Johnson

  • Tracy Pennoyer

  • Michael Tunstall


  • Walter Greene

  • Melissa Newman

  • Heather Williams


  • Aili diBonaventura

  • William Kraekel

  • Jacquie Littlejohn

  • Bob McHugh

  • Joseph Schnierlein


  • Mr. Robert Larsen

  • Mr. Bruce LePage