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The August 20th issue of Connecticut Magazine highlights environmental pioneers, including our own Mary Ellen Lemay. “Each town is a stepping stone in the effort to heal and connect our land by increasing biodiversity, starting with some ofthe smallest and most important creatures that live among us.” says Mary Ellen.

Saving pollinators and the environment is an important and growing movement. Everyone can participate in developing their own link (their own yard). “I see this as larger than habitat restoration and greenway building. People are really worried about the environment and water quality and the Sound and all the extinctions looming, and now we’re partners in all this,” Louise Washer says.

Learn about the Aspetuck Land Trust Green Corridor Initiative below.
Are you in the Green Corridor?

Above pioneers from left to right: Louise Washer, Donna Merrill, Mary Ellen Lemay, Kimberly Stoner.
Photo Credit: Erik Trautmann

Aspetuck Land Trust Model Native Landscape

Earthplace Design.jpg

A garden creation to inspire and educate homeowners. The “Demonstration Garden” will be an example of how to take care of our yards in more sustainable, pollinator friendly ways. Native gardens like this one will increase the variety of native birds and wildlife we see, create a healthy space for children and pets, support water conservation and minimize water pollution.

We thank the Westport Woman’s Club for supporting this project with the 2019 Ruegg Grant and Earthplace in Westport for providing the perfect space.

For more information about this project, including a list of plants being planted, the dates of the installation, the celebration that will be held, and the sponsors. Please visit the Demonstration Garden Webpage.

Learn about the Green Corridor Initative


A “Green Corridor” that connects and engages our communities and safeguards our land, wildlife and water resources for future generations in Fairfield, Westport, Weston, Easton, Wilton and Redding.

  • Land Protection

  • Land Stewardship

  • Homeowner Engagement

  • Properties at risk scientifically assessed and targeted



Podcast above: Listen to Aspetuck Land Trust President Bill Kraekel and Landowner Engagement Director Mary Ellen Lemay talk with Connoisseur Media's John Voket about Aspetuck Land Trust's visionary Green Corridor Initiative. They are the first interview in the show!

Learn more about the Green Corridor on our Green Corridor Webpage.



Founded in 1966, Aspetuck Land Trust is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is the preservation and conservation of open space, including farm and forest land, and the natural resources located thereon, primarily in the towns of Easton, Weston, Fairfield and Westport, for the benefit and education of the public.