A wonderful way to support the Aspetuck Land Trust is to provide a gift of a marketable assets.  These assets can be cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate of other marketable assets.  What is important to understand is that in most cases if you donate appreciated assets you will receive a tax benefit on the full value of what you donated.  For example, if you bought a stock at $10 a share and it is now worth $100 a share, your tax deduction is $100 per share. 

Another way to provide the Aspetuck Land Trust with a gift today is through donating your required minimum distributions from your retirement program.  In the case where you are required to take a minimum distribution from an IRA, retirement plan asset or other retirement annuity you can save on your overall taxes by donating your taxable minimum distributions.  In this case, you can avoid paying income taxes on the distribution and get a full tax deduction for the value of what you donate to the Aspetuck Land Trust.

If you want to transfers any assets to the Aspetuck Land Trust, please reach out to David Brant (203-331-1906, DBrant@aspetucklandtrust.org)  and advise him of your gift.  While all gifts are appreciated, some potential gifts may need to go to the board to assure they can be managed by the Aspetuck Land Trust.

 Once you have transferred your gift please contact email us at: administration@aspetucklandtrust.org so we can make sure your gift is received and that we know who the gift is from.

Please consult a tax or legal advisor for guidance on how best to execute your wishes to support ALT.


For gift of cash a check can be made out to Aspetuck Land Trust, Inc. and sent to:
Aspetuck Land Trust, Inc.
P.O. Box 444, Westport, CT  06881

If you want to wire your cash gift the instructions are as follows:
Fairfield County Bank
94 Danbury Road Ridgefield, CT 06877
Routing #: 221172270
Account#: 516003042
Account Name: Aspetuck Land Trust, Inc.
Beneficiary Address: P.O. Box 444, Westport, CT  06881
Beneficiary Reference (Please provide donor name):

To transfer a gift of stocks or securities please provide your broker with the following information:
Account Name: Aspetuck Land Trust, Inc
Bank/Broker Name: Charles Schwab
DTC Broker Code: 0164
Account number: 6172-8670