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Princie and Bob Falkenhagen

Who hasn’t thought about a lasting gift or legacy at our (or any) stage of life?

Land to physically enjoy by hiking, bird watching, cross country skiing, etc.… has always been important to us and our family.  And land to look at--farms that have been kept working, trees that have been kept from being clear cut, and meadows that have been preserved for meadowlarks and the like is equally important to us.

Aspetuck Land Trust has been the entity in our corner of CT that has done the most to work with homeowners, towns, the state and other land trusts to help keep development at bay and land protected for future generations, so we have decided to include Aspetuck Land Trust in our wills knowing that land lasts longer than money.  It is the best gift to give to future generations.

Princie and Bob Falkenhagen, Washington State (from Easton!)