Blueberry Bush Updates

The short but sweet 2017 blueberry picking season at Trout Brook Valley was a great success.  We planted, fertilized and through an anonymous donation we added netting to a number of rows to protect the berries and the result was a bumper crop. Volunteers and supporters helped us to gather over 30 lbs of berries that were frozen and will be made into Aspetuck Blueberry Jam. As if that was not enough our blueberry bush sponsors provided us with 75 new plants for the patch. Tom Johnson, our Blueberry Czar, carefully chose 5 new variety's of blueberry bushes that will ripen at different rates and lengthen the picking season at the patch. 

Your pruning, fertilizing, weeding and mulching has been invaluable! The 2017 season was amazing....

We are continuing to consult with fruit experts at the University of Connecticut, conduct extensive soil testing and spread lime, potash and aged woodchips to the rows.  

If you would like to sponsor a blueberry bush, please click here.