The Blueberry Patch 

Lovingly planted, fertilized and pruned by volunteers!


The days have been hot and the moisture limited. We are watering the berries at least 1x per week but they need Mother Nature in order to produce a crop like the one we had last year. 
Hike in during these beautiful days and sample a few berries, pick away and enjoy!!




As a member of the Aspetuck Land Trust you have exclusive access to the blueberry patch during picking season, this year from July 2nd to September 4th.
Access: Letters were placed in the mail to all current members on June 29th providing a GATE LOCK CODE.
With the gate lock combination you can access the orchard from anytime between sunrise and sunset. 

To get to the orchard: follow the trails from either the Wells Hill Road or the Freeborn Road parking areas indicated on the Trout Brook Valley map (the Freeborn Road Parking area is 1.53 miles from the orchard).

Please remember to lock the gate as you enter and exit the orchard and limit your picking to three quarts so that our blueberry bounty can be enjoyed by other Aspetuck Land Trust members.
If you have not received your letter and would like to pick the berries or you have additional questions, suggestions or comments please contact Alice:
Alice Cooney / Aspetuck Land Trust / Administration
PO Box 444 / Westport, CT 06881-0444

Blueberry Bush Sponsors Needed!

We had 33 sponsored bushes for 2016 and 75 for 2017! THANK YOU SPONSORS!!!

As the nurturing of the orchard and the blueberry plants continues we HOPE to continue to reinvigorate the orchard with new plants. Our blueberry Czar, Tom Johnson, has chosen a special variety to plant in the orchard and our order has to be in on August 1st. Our goal is to plant 50 new bushes (although more would be welcome).  PLEASE consider becoming a sponsor today for the 2018 planting.


This is a wonderful program for any family with children or grandchildren. We will have a planting date this fall that we will announce to you soon. You can come and plant your bush as a family though we are more than happy to plant and memorialize your bush for you! Dedicate your bush to your family,  or to a special friend! 


You can then come and nurture, prune and cultivate your plant during our volunteer sessions or when you have time for a family hike! See it grow, fertilize it, prune it,  pick its fruit. Show your children how nature works while creating family memories. 

Our goal is to replace lost bushes and if the support is large enough to create new rows of bushes as well.
Please contact Alice at with any questions you may have.

Your pruning, fertilizing, weeding and mulching has been invaluable!

Become a member Here!


sponsor a blueberry bush

For maps, directions and more information about the Trout Brook Valley in Easton, click here