2019 BLUEBERRY PICKING was amazing!


Members of the Aspetuck Land Trust, have exclusive access to the blueberry patch during picking season.
Read below for one members experience in July and further on for access details .

To get to the orchard: follow the trails from either the Wells Hill Road or the Freeborn Road parking areas indicated on the Trout Brook Valley map (the Freeborn Road Parking area is 1.53 miles from the orchard).

If you have questions, suggestions or comments please contact Alice:
Alice Cooney / Aspetuck Land Trust / Administration
PO Box 444 / Westport, CT 06881-0444

Please note that the plants were sprayed with a fungicide prebud break thru post flowering on three occasions to control the mummy berry fungus which can be devastating to the fruit. When necessary we use approved food grade herbicides to control the weeds between the plants. Nothing is sprayed on the berries themselves. We limit our use of herbicides and only apply when necessary.


Thank you to all the volunteers who joined us pruning the “Patch” for this years crop!

Blueberry Bush Sponsors!

We had 33 sponsored bushes for 2016 and 75 for 2017 and 31 in 2018!


As the nurturing of the orchard and the blueberry plants continues we HOPE to continue to replenish the orchard with new plants.

Our goal is to replace lost bushes and if the support is large enough to create new rows of bushes as well.
Please contact Alice at with any questions you may have. MANY THANKS TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS!!

Your pruning, fertilizing, weeding and mulching has been invaluable!

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