Did You Know?


  • Conserving land increases property values near greenbelts, saves tax dollars by encouraging more efficient development, and reduces the need for expensive water filtration facilities.
  • Every day, over 5,000 acres of land are developed in the U.S.
  • Development actually costs towns more than it gives because schools, streets, police officers, and other necessary municipal services drain more than they are required to pay in taxes.  For more information on "The Cost of Community Services", click here.
  • Forested lands control erosion, help clean the air of pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gasses, help shelter our houses from heat and wind
  • Studies in a wide range of urban areas have documented increases in real estate value for residences located near parks.
  • Without proper planning, estate taxes could virtually force your heirs to sell the land they inherit.
  • You can protect your land’s future while continuing to own it, live on it, or farm it.
  • There are a variety of ways to donate land that fit individual families’ financial needs as well as their conservation goals.


To learn more, click on the different options and always consult with your attorney regarding major contributions. If you have questions for ALT, please contact David Brant, Executive Director either by phone: 203.331.1906 or by email: dbrant@aspetucklandtrust.org.