Why Donate Your Land?


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Aspetuck Land Trust has preserved over 1,800 acres of land, which will be maintained in a natural state in perpetuity. You can help us maintain and preserve more land before it is too late. A donation of land is one of the greatest gifts for future generations. Aspetuck Land Trust knows that landowners have a deep connection to their land. Your gift can provide your community with clean air, water, food supply, wildlife habitats, and places for recreation, reflection and pure scenic beauty.

Dont let your special place disappear forever because of development. Your contribution can have a lasting and permanent effect in our community. In addition, the Aspetuck Land Trust is a tax-exempt corporation so designated by the Internal Revenue Service. In almost all cases, donations of land or easements and bargain-sales yield important tax advantages (income, estate and property) to donors. Please refer to the specific sections for more detailed information.

Aspetuck Land Trust is here to help you find the right solution to fit your financial needs and the needs of your family while conserving your land in the most appropriate way. Donating land for conservation purposes is one of the finest legacies a person can leave. Land donation may be the best strategy for those who:

  • believe in conserving the natural beauty around us and in our community
  • do not wish to pass the land on to heirs
  • own property but no longer use it
  • own highly appreciated property
  • have substantial real estate holdings and wish to reduce estate tax burdens
  • would like to be relieved of the responsibility of managing and caring for land.

Land donation may provide substantial income tax deductions and estate tax benefits. Although ALT focuses on preserving open space, commerical or residential property might also be donated, with the understanding that the property would be sold to support future conservation efforts.

The tax benefits from any donation depend greatly on your individual tax situation.  Please consult with your tax advisor for a complete analysis of how a donation to the ALT would affect your taxes.

Upon review of the information on this website, if you have any question for ALT about donating your land, please contact: David Brant, Executive Director either by phone: 203.331.1906 or email: Dbrant@aspetucklandtrust.org.  The mailing address for ALT is: PO Box 444, Westport, CT 06881