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Working party at the “Patch”.

Dear Blueberry Pruners,

Our fearless Blueberry Czar Tom Johnson is scheduling a blueberry maintenance and celebration day! We will be a celebrating with berries! This event is in part to thank you for your efforts in maintaining and pruning the patch in the spring. Come meet old friends and celebrate new ones when we gather once again with a ripe crop. Please bring your berry buckets. T


From intersection of Merritt Parkway and Rte 58 (Hi Ho Motor Inn), go north on Rte 58. Pass thru light at Rte 136, continuing on 58. Pass Bluebird Gas Station and Restaurant on left. After Bluebird take third left (Redding Rd and Norton Rd are 1st two) onto Freeborn Road (sign at end of road) which is a couple of miles from Bluebird. Go left onto Freeborn. There will be woods on the left and right. When the woods stop on left (first house lot) look to right, there will be a dirt road thru the woods. This is the access road to the Patch. Please park on Freeborn. If you are comfortable please walk up the dirt road, pass thru an 8 ft farm gate into the orchard field. Follow the pathway about 300 yards, you will see a second farm gate on left. Go thru this gate and you will be at the blueberry bushes!

We will be standing ready to give a lift to all volunteers that cannot comfortably walk in. If you are able to walk to the Patch you may do so via the access road or use trail access.