The Seed
By Josh Brant
Dedicated to Howard Aibel

There once was a tree,
On that tree was a branch,
On that branch was a twig,
On the twig was a flower,
And in that flower there was a seed.

One day that seed flew away.
It traveled for days,
But never sat down to rest.

Its journey ended where the wind didn't blow,
Where groves encircled trees and forests encircled groves.
And on that day the seed rested.

It rested for a very long time until it grew a trunk.
On its trunk it grew a branch,
On that branch it grew a twig,
On that twig it grew a flower,
And inside that flower it grew a seed.

Howard Aibel  & Nature Preserve Sign.jpg

Howard Aibel 1929-2018

We would like to dedicate the poem above to Howard Aibel.

written by Josh Brant, our executive director's 11 year-old son, as a gift for his father's birthday. The seed reminds us of how important our efforts to preserve the simple beauty of the land for future generations is.  Howard Aibel was a wonderful man and an Aspetuck Land Trust member from Weston. He donated the land next to his home, that he loved, to the Aspetuck Land Trust. 

Howard recently passed away, but we hope that his legacy will inspire others to preserve more open space.  Learn More Here.


Join us as we work with our members to try to save the last frontier of open space in our communities.  If you live in Weston or Wilton Please consider coming to our Community FOrest Forum this WEdnesday, April 25th to learn more and share your thoughts on saving one of the last remaining frontiers of open space in our area.