Lillian Squires Morton Preserve

About the Lillian Squires Morton Preserve
An open space gem thats at its best on a sunny day. The grassy path follows the perimeter of the preserve, which once was a pasture, a land improvement made by many early settlers, who cleared trees and rocks for a chance to raise something. The small pond (now home to a large snapping turtle) was a source of water for grazing livestock. A trail spur connects to the Freeborn Walk Trail which runs all the way to Old Redding Road and the Trout Brook Valley Preserve.

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Historical Note: Weston's soil is mostly a mix of sands and silts, mica, quartzite and granite gneisses, and on average, only about 17 inches deep, a soil best suited to growing timothy, other pasturage grasses, and onions, a major cash crop in the mid-nineteenth century.

Trail Stewards

Directions & Parking: 
North on Lyons Plain Road; at 3-way stop, bear left onto Valley Forge Road; about a mile and a half from the intersection, turn right on Bradley Road. Trail entrance is on the right. Park along the road.

Where is it?

8 Bradley Hill Road
Weston, CT 06883


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