Trout Brook Valley provides some great cross country mountain biking for a variety of riding skill levels with terrain challenges in over 1000 acres.  Please note that there is no mountain biking from January 1st though April 30th, the park is closed at sunset, and no mountain biking is allowed when the trails are excessively wet.  As always, head right of way to all other trail users (i.e. Equestrian, Hikers) and note that there are a handful of trails, including the orchard, that are closed to mountain biking.

There are multiple entrances to the park (Rt. 58 across from Country Club Lane, Bradley Road, Elm Drive, Wells Hill Road).  Most mountain bikers start their rides from the Bradley Road parking park which is where you'll find the bulk of the double track trails.  If you are looking for single track with more terrain challenges then head up to the northern park of the park which is also less travelled.  Most of the trails are tight twisty single track with technically challenging sections (rocks, steep climbs, etc.) TBV offers a grueling 800' climb from the White Trail to the Yellow White Trail, one of the biggest climbs in Fairfield County.  You'll find easy riding on the Blue, Green & White trails.

Recommended Long Loop (approximately 10 miles):

From Bradley Rd Parking Lot: Green Left to White Right (#5) to Red/Black (#47) Left to Orange/White (#54) Left to Orange (#10) Left to Yellow/White (#18) Left to Blue (#20) Left to Green Right to Blue/White Left Blue

Shorter Loop (approximately 3 miles):

From Bradley Rd Parking Lot: White to Blue (#30) straight to Orange, Right onto Green (#5) back to parking lot.

For more information, visit the CT NEMBA website