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Wildflower Preserve

The smallest Aspetuck Land Trust preserve at 0.3 acres, the Wildflower Preserve is located across from the Pequot Library in Southport on Westway Rd. directly across from the entrance to the library. This is a lovely spot to observe wildflowers and butterflies where you can sit on a teak bench dedicated to Southport conservationists Raphael and Roberta Hodgson. 

Observe the native wildflowers in season and the many pollinating insects like butterflies that are attracted to the native plants. Native plants on the property include Swamp Milkweed, Bloodroot, Wild Aster, May Apple, Joe Pye Weed, and Wild Geranium.

 The property was designated an official Monarch Waystation in 2016.  Monarch Waystations are places that provide resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. Without milkweeds throughout their spring and summer breeding areas in North America, monarchs would not be able to produce the successive generations that culminate in the migration each fall. Similarly, without nectar from flowers these fall migratory monarch butterflies would be unable to make their long journey to overwintering grounds in Mexico. The need for host plants for larvae and energy sources for adults applies to all monarch and butterfly populations around the world.

 The Wildflower Preserve was donated in 1981 by Roswell Barrett who owned the home that is located at the back of the preserve.

Trail Stewards

Park roadside by split rail fence, across from the Pequot Library entrance.


360 Westway Rd
Southport, CT 06890


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