Plant for the Babies!!!

It is Spring nesting season! Look closely at the image below, the Song Sparrow in the is delivering 3 different varieties of caterpillars to feed its lucky babies!

Only native plants provide the caterpillars needed by 96% of bird species to feed their young.

Chickadee babies, for example, need between 6-9,000 caterpillars before they take flight.  Please plant native trees and shrubs that provide food for the babies.

Only 5% of the plants make up 75% of the food sources, so make sure you have some of these in your backyard.

Many of our more manicured and pesticide laden yards are virtual deserts to our native wildlife and pollinators.  The food web becomes broken and life can’t survive. 

Remember, what you do in your backyard has a big impact; 1. Don’t use pesticides, 2. rethink your lawn, and 3. plant native plants.