Plant for the Climate

UN CLIMATE REPORT states “HOW WE USE OUR LAND” is having a huge impact on climate change and sustainable food availability. The problem seems to be “too big to fix” but the reality is humans have created this problem and accelerated it only in the last half century. We CAN turn this around starting this weekend, starting on our own land! Positive change BEGINS IN OUR OWN YARDS, especially with the way we treat OUR OWN LAND.

What WE can do to heal the land… change our own land-use practices by:

1. Planting Native Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

2. Rethinking our Lawns.

3. Avoiding Pesticides and Herbicides

The Aspetuck Green Corridor is an interconnected landscape of backyards and open space to safeguard wildlife, land, and water resources for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Make YOUR LAND a Stepping Stone on the Green Corridor. Heal the land, heal the web of life by taking these 3 action steps